LFIE : The primary school

The primary school includes preparatory school, kindergarten and primary school and is organised in three consecutive learning cycles :
Cycle 1 : early learning stage.
Cycle 2 : fundamental learning stage Cycle 3 : learning consolidation stage

Cycle 1 curriculum, or early learning cycle, which includes Toute Petite Section (TPS) Petite Section (PS) and Moyenne Section (MS), is linked closely with Grande Section curriculum (GS).

The French prep school/kindergarten has always been at the forefront of education. It is neither a nursery school or day care centre but is a real school with its own identity and objectives. These objectives include :
Developing children’s social skills
Developing the child’s autonomy, knowledge and skills Learning French, English and Arabic.
The “early learning” phase, from TPS to GS, is therefore essential for the child to succeed his/her primary schooling.